1997, New York, BronxEdit

[1]Added by G4T0R4D3xEN3RGYIt was a cold winter evening. I was walking down Roscoe Street to Pamela Avenue. I was a cop,  I was on the force for about 3 years. I knew my stuff, and I knew it good. I was walking with a coffee cup in my hand and I slowly drank it, before turning on Toluca Avenue. Before finishing it, putting in the bin and arriving at Pamela Avenue. I looked around, nothing to be seen. I got into my car, where my partner...My wife, Shelly. Was driving the car, first we got a call about an assault. We drove over to East Holland Street and I found one man, beaten up minorly. He had a black eye, and maybe a broken bone...

But that was it, we took down the things we needed and drove on our way. It was a lonely night, the yellow street-lights shining and whizzing away. Just like my life, out of nowhere this Gypsy runs out onto the car. We stop, and she is safe. She crosses the road, looking at me. With purple eyes, hmm...I looked at my wife and drove on. "King 121, this is central. We got a situation over, South Jersey Street." I grabbed the radio. "This is King 121, we are moving towards South Jersey Street. Over." We stopped here, all we saw was snow and nothing more. The Snow building up, taking over the whole earth. "Nothing here..." We got back in, my wife sitting down. I looked into her Pink eyes, she was lovely. I don't know why she wanted to join the Police Force, but I had to say....CRASH!

Suddenly, a 16, maybe 18 year old kid jumped onto our car. We smashed into the street-light and I was dazed. I awoke with a thud, when I found the car upside-down. I looked over to my wife...She was dead, her Pink eyes were shedded in Mascara and blood. I looked at her, and a single tear came out of my eye. I never cried so hard in my life, but I couldn't let that bastard get away. I got my knife and cut the seat-belt. I opened the car, crawled for life and found the bastard on the middle of the intersection. Him and his friend...I took a stance, and I ran at him. Punching him between the mouth and his teeth. From the car I could hear the words from Central. "Be on the look out for a boy with a blue cap, and a boy with a green cap. They are heavily armed and have committed 25 Spree Killings."

What? I looked at the pair, Green and Blue Caps. I punched the blue cap kid again, and he kicked me so hard that I flew in mid-air. The Green Cap boy was running into the store for a chainsaw to help the Blue Cap boy with. I got up without them seeing me, and when he jumped out the window to give him the chainsaw...I pulled out my 9 Millimeter and blew the bullet between his eyes. His friend's eyes just turned dark red, bloodshot. He fell on his knees. I got up and I just got HAPPY..."Well, get up? You aren't a pussy are you? No? Come on, get up" He came up off his feet, and I punched him in his stomach. "Get up, GET UP!" He got up and I did it again, harder. "I said GET UP!" He got up and lunged at me, I moved to the side and he dived backwards into the store window. I pulled out my pistol and shot him between the eyes. He fell into the window.

I stood at the crime scene, waiting for the Ambulance and the Police to arrive. When they did, I was in a moody state. Sargent Yorkshire felt bad for me, offered me a ride home. I denied it, I needed a walk. When I got up, I saw the Gypsy woman that I nearly ran over. I walked over to her and asked her what she was doing. "He was just a innocent boy, he didn't deserve this." I got angry. "Innocent, he killed 25 people. Including my wife." She looked at me with great stress. "Now we can't bring her back, I was the one that gave him immortality. I gave it to him until midnight, and it's 11:50." I looked at her with disbelief. "Choose your next words wisely...Or I will do something I won't regret." She sneered at me, NOBODY FUCKING SNEERS AT ME!

I shot her, right in her chest. Breaking her little glass ball. She fell down, dead. I took up a cigar, and walked down the road. Who gives a fuck if she died. Fucking bastard was ruining the crime-scene. When I arrived on Theodore Junction, I saw a figure in the middle of the street. I thought that the medics took the body I guess I was wrong, or he wasn't dead. He stood with a bullet hole in his head, he was smiling. I looked at him, I ran at him and kicked him. He tripped me over and I fell down to the ground, he then got me and threw me across the tarmac. I fell down, my skin from my lips was gone. You could only see my skeletal muscle. I then looked at him, I could see my wife dying again, and again.

I got up, my eyes turning red with rage. I grabbed his neck and snapped it, I then pulled him along the tarmac to the shops. "Thank you, you finally thought me a lesson. The Value of Life is only optional." I couldn't stop smiling at him, I brought him to the shops and placed him down, before finishing him off. I then grabbed him and threw him into a garbage truck. I turned it on, and walked home. I felt a figure following me, but every time I looked back. It was gone, I feel though that the gypsy was right...I killed an innocent child. I am horrible, and I will be haunted for the rest of my life.

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