"The things I do for love."

I often see myself saying this little phrase when my sweetheart is in a pickle. I always have to help her, it's my duty to! Even in this cabin, I help her. Even trapped under ten feet of snow, I help her. Our food stocks run lower and lower each day. I haven't eaten in three days, I made sure she did. Today, we ran out of food, she ran out of food. But I didn't tell her, nor did I tell her about my mysterious injuries. I couldn't, I could never tell her. I just watched her eat the meat I had fried on the stove. My vision soon became blurred, the loss of blood has taken it's toll. Before I passed out, I weakly tell her to do what it takes to survive. With that, I fall out of my chair and darkness takes hold of me.

"The things I do for love." I spoke in my mind.

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