Heavens grasps that taste of buttermilk.

The bright rose of my heart.

My wings full of life and love.

The wolf that bites and growls.

A crow that is laughing making mockery of me.

The raven with a demon eye.

For I am a king.

And also a Queen.

I fall in a deep abyss made of fire.

The trumpets of many angels ablaze in my ears.

The lies of the snake.

All fuel my inner demon.

My soul perished in the flames of desire.

This longing for peace.

This longing for love.

This longing for death.

This is the flight of the raven.

Who's motherly love will lead me to my fate.

I walk through fire.

Feeling no pain.

I fly on these wings of death.

As the bright read rose calls for me.

She shouts and yells but I cant hear.

I fly away to the place of doom.

Now hearing the trumpets of demons.

By. I love scary stories

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