The Truth Edit

So I would like to just get this out and open. I love Indie games. One of my favorite games to ever come to be is The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is a top down style game kind of like the original legend of Zelda. The game is known for being pretty well, disturbing. It includes blood religion and of course poop. All making the player go whoa the first time they play it.

Now I have spent hours upon hours playing this game and I personally loved it, but one of the most fun things was modding the game. On the website The Modding of Isaac you can get mods for the game and post mods. I loved this website and constantly was downloading and playing all sorts of mods.

One day I was browsing mods on the website when I found a interesting looking mod called "The Truth". When I checked the mod out I found that no one had installed it yet! I was over joyed when I saw this just thinking about how I would be the first to ever to play it. It had a bunch of screenshots but they were all of empty rooms. But a couple of the screenshots showed entirely new characters and items! I quickly installed the mod for my game and tested it out.

I decided to start a new game save like I did with all the mods I played. I opened up a new file and wen't to the character selection screen. There, I could only pick Isaac as usual since it was a new save. I looked for other characters that weren't in before but I couldn't see anyone new. I assumed it was just that all the characters that were new were hidden kind of like ??? or Blue Baby as everyone calls him. I picked Isaac and was sent in with the usual black screen but this time I was greeted with and opening loading screen saying "You are a Murderer".

I was put straight into the Basement area and immediately was given the weapon "Mom's Knife". I smiled on the inside since I loved this item. I went through a majority of the rooms on the floor easily swooping through. All I encountered in the floor was spiders and fly's which were very typical enemies in the game. I eventually found my way to a treasure room where I got a item called "The Brick" Isaac become dizzy looking when I picked it up and the knife started spinning in circles when I through it.

Note this is Unfinished

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