Prologue Edit

This is the story of a man named Jim Ferry. He was a greedy man, who would do anything to get more money, even stealing money from the homeless to add to his pile. One day, he had received a letter from an anonymous person who claimed he/she knew where a vault was with tons of gold and diamonds and it can all be his.

Apparently (from what I know,) he had to go to an exact location, and there... he would find his gold.

The Story Edit

So he made his way towards the location of said vault, and found it. It was literally a vault out in the middle of the desert. If he was a regular man, he'd have his doubts, but this was Jim Ferry, who'd do anything for more money.

So, he went inside and heard a voice: "Good work, Jim. You've come a long way. Now you'll have all the money you'd ever want."

And there Jim was, throwing all the money into a bag and relishing every moment of it.

Nothing would ever stop him, and the vault closed, never to be opened again. He got the only thing he wanted, at a price.

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