I bet most of you know what Wallace And Gromit is. And if you don't, its a show about a man (Wallace) and his smart dog (Gromit) doing mostly regular things with eachother. I've watched the show once, but it was a long time ago. I've watched it recently, but it was an episode that I'm sure no one has seen before.

So last week my mother, my sister and I went to the park. It was an nice day out, so we thought it would be great to go. There was a school next to it that my sister goes to, so we sometimes to behind it go see if there was cool things there. We found something unusual, but somewhat normal. It was a VHS tape. I picked it up to see if there was a cover on it, but it just blank. We asked our mom if we could take it to see if it worked. She said ok since we didn't really have any. We took it home and put it in our VHS.

The first thing that was on it was a commercial of Gumby. I've never watched it, but I remember someone telling me about it. Than it went to Wallace and Gromit's title. The backround was Wallace's house at night. It looked like it could be midnight. It was also midnight when I was watching it. It started off With Gromit getting out of his dog house. He then just stares. That's all he does the entire time. It was very quiet too, quietness I hate most of the time. Gromit blinked every 30 seconds, which isn't how long it takes for a regular dog to blink, or in this case Gromit. My mom and my sister were confused. I was terrified. At the last 10 seconds of the episode, Gromit was crying and Wallace fell out of one of the house's windows.

After that, everyone went to bed. It took me 4 hours to sleep, and when I did I had a dream that I saw Wallace falling out of the window. I never felt the same about that show after I saw it.

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