She sat on the black chair in her room. She continued to look straight ahead, her vision never escaping that narrow path. The room had no sound, except for a growing static noise. Her heart had become her brain, and now everything was lost in its pulpy mess. She took a deep breath in, as her eyes moved without purpose in their sockets; two rounded obsidian orbs grinding against their prison. She held her hands in a tight fist, and then opened her hands. No matter what she did, she was stuck in this very spot. She was plastered by the wooden arms on her black chair. With her neck being hoisted by a string. She heard a voice through the static but she didn't care. Her hair fell over her face, creating a dark waterfall as it covered her eyes. She heard the voice louder now, she turned her head away and let out a scream.

"FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE!" she tried turning her head side to side, but she couldn't. The voice had continued to whisper in her ears. Silent little hums, and rings were all she could hear. She continued to look in front of her, there was just a reflection of herself there. The more she stared at it though the more wrongs she saw of her. The people she left behind, the people who left her behind were all displayed in that water reflection. Ripples of water that distorted the true image, is all she saw.

From her mirror she saw blood pour down from the frame to her face. The blood splattered, as she tried to pull up she was stopped by her sticky tar pit trap. The blood started to gag her, until all she could cough up was crimson roses. The voice cried out louder in her ears, but its voice was still inaudible. Suddenly all of her reflection started to fade, even the blood was turning into grey goo. Her black chair began to fall into the ground, and she was laid gently on her bed of crimson roses. She closed her eyes as her breath turned into that black goo; and her once white smoke was gone forever.

By the time her parents reached her room it was too late, she had already taken her last breath. Now, her mother cradled her lifeless baby in her arms, while her face was dripping with tears. Her voice cracking she let out a scream. The daughters black hair was stained with blood, like a river poisoned with death. The mirrors dark edges were pointed like the horns of the devil, while its reflective surface shown back cold sympathy.

"Why?!" The mother asked the soundless room, the room didn't respond back.

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