A young boy of fourteen rides on his horse through a dark, humid forest. He has no particular direction, no place to go. He ponders his past, his present, his future. He thinks of his friends, his enemies, and he would most likely think of his family as well, if he had any. His long blond hair hides his watering blue eyes as it droops down low.

Slowly, the tears streak across his cheeks. He wishes dearly, more than anything else at this point, to be reunited with a special friend of his that he held very close to him. She was his only real friend. The bonds they had shared, the hardships they had been through together, could not be matched by anyone. They had had many great adventures together, but as soon as the days when he could play were over, she had said goodbye to him. 

On one fate-deciding day, the news reached him. The dear girl had been announced dead after being no where to be found anywhere in the land. He was more relieved than sad, he had been looking for her for ages, and to no avail, but now, he knew where she was, and he was going to join her once again.

But alas, he did not find her. Even after he had placed the blade to his throat and given a quick, clean swipe across, he did not come across his friend's happy, smiling face like he had hoped. He had just woken up on his horse, as quickly as snapping out of a nightmare in bed, wandering aimlessly through this unkown forest. He wondered if there really was any goal to be accomplished, any real place he was trying to get to. Or perhaps this was just the afterlife, just an eternity of trotting along through the fog. He found it very therapeutic. It would seem appropriate to be in a place of complete peace and silence to have time to think back on his days of living.

He again thinks of his dearest friend. His brow is soaked with the wetness from his eyes. 

He thinks of the blue fairy's name, the reason he is stuck in this limbo.


Written by Tarp000

My second pasta guys, this one's a mindfuck. Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to check out my first one, Ami, too. Alot of people seemed to like it.

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