The Yellow one is coming Edit

We knew we didn't have what his master wanted, he always came and captured us but we did not have enough people. Some times they would find us and kill us in a variety of ways. Sometimes they would tackle us until we were knocked out.

We sometimes tried to fight back but the master always had another to attack us. He left our home in shambles and us in an even worse condition. He would even harvest our things and use them to make his capturing devices.

He took our people and turned them against us. We are but worms and animals in his eyes yet still he kills and captures us. I found one of his creatures that escaped and he told me that it was terrible inside his cages, they were cramped with no light or food. The master had only given him fruit and occasionally water.

The Terror Edit

What we feel to the master and his yellow Monster is terror and hatred. we would hide in our shells so it wouldn't hurt as he caught us. He often brought friends with they're beasts to destroy the forest we live in. He never gave us anything but terror and death.

The Stories Edit

There was a father that had many children in our forest, he was unlike the rest of us, he was able to fly. His children were able to fight back, however they were electrified like the rest of us.

One time there was my friend that got taken by him, he was shoved off in a cage and I never saw him again.

The Ending Edit

We ran away from that forest in favor of another. He followed us and said the words that we dread. He said Pikachu I choose you...


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