This story begins with a 17-year-old boy named Max Johnson. Max was a new kid in his neighborhood and was very shy. He didn't do much except play his Nintendo Gamecube. His mother wanted him to get to know some of the kids on his block, but it never happened. During his first day of school, Max met a kid who played a lot of video games. The kid's name was Peter. Peter was also very shy and so the two got along very well. Unfortunately, a week later, Max was in a horrible car accident that resulted in both of his parents dying.

The aftermath of this crash made Max even more shy. When Max's mother was alive, Max enjoyed being with her because she made him feel special. The memories of his mother made him depressed, leading Max attempt to commit suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. His attempt to end his life was unsuccessful because Peter, who was supposed to over the same day, found him face down on the bathroom floor. Peter gave him CPR and revived him. When Max woke up, however, he became enraged instead of thankful. Max grabbed ahold of a knife from the kitchen and rushed Peter, trying to kill him out of spite. However, Peter was much stronger and was able to get the knife out of Max's hand. Max charged at Peter with another knife. Peter had no other choice but to kill Max save his own life. Peter ran up to Max and inserted the knife in Max's eyes: first in one, and then the other.

Later, Max woke up in a hospital and could not see anything. Max could only hear the doctor say that he had no eyes and could only hear. Max remembered what Peter did to him and became vengeful, plotting Peter's comeuppance. When he was released, the only thing on Max's mind was to find and kill Peter. Since Max remembered how to get to Peter's house, he got there easily. He produced a syringe he had stolen from a doctor and tracked down Peter's house. He entered silently and navigated to Peter's room, opening the door loudly. He was mad with rage. Peter looked up at Max in horror to see he was still alive. Max rushed at Peter with the syringe in hand and stabbed him vigorously over and over again. All the while, Max said, "You did this to yourself. You shouldn't have fucked with me." Peter let out one last yell and fell, dead. The police were called and they found Peter's dead body but Max was no where to be found. A search for Max was conducted but, to this day, he's never been found.

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