This is my first pasta, so please bear with me if I make any mistakes. I tried at least.


I think of myself as an average FNAF fan. I love watching let’s plays of the games, though I don’t find them scary. The lore and coming up with theories interests me. And I love collecting the merchandise; especially the plushies. I don’t know why since they are a bit creepy, yet still kind of cute.

I first wanted one before they were even released; back when FNAF 2 came out. In the game they just sat there in the prize corner where the Marionette resided; mere background displays. But they were so cute. I hoped that one day real ones would be made since I did not have $200 to commission a custom plush, nor the skill to make one.

Luckily my dream became a reality. Now I have a small collection of assorted FNAF plushies sitting on the pillow next to mine. But there’s something odd. Foxy is at the end and sometimes seems to move, even though the some of the others didn’t. I’ll go to bed and he’ll be sitting straight, but when I wake up he’ll be tilted to one side; almost falling off the bed. Sometimes I have found him on the floor. Yet Nightmare Foxy, which sits in front of him, hasn’t moved.

Another odd thing. Springtrap sometimes shifts about too. He’ll be sitting straight, facing the wall opposite when I go to bed, yet I roll over and he’s facing me. I’ve turned over in the night only to find myself nose-to-nose with the stuffed rabbit on multiple occasions. Bonnie, who sits behind him, sometimes does this too. I’ll open my eyes at night and I’ll find him staring at me in my semi-lit room.

And yet Freddy and Nightmare Mangle hardly move at all. I’ve tried swapping their positions, but that didn’t seem to help. I still woke up to find Bonnie staring at me. And Foxy and Springtrap had both fallen over, with the yellow-bronze rabbit pointed in my direction and Foxy pointed away from me.

I’m not saying my collection is haunted. This is probably just caused by me turning over in my sleep. Simple science; gravity and vibrations. Though it is still strange how only those three move no matter where I place them on the pillow.  


~~~~ The-lonely-skele

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