Wild arms metal demons vs "ARMS"-100:34

Wild arms metal demons vs "ARMS"-1

Wild arms metal demons vs "ARMS"-200:34

Wild arms metal demons vs "ARMS"-2

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Porcupine eating a banana

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The metal demons and the "ARMS"

The dripping oil was pouring from the creatures teeth. It was drooling all over its blade. It could sense people nearby. It sensed civilians... It was only a matter of time before it got what it wanted.

It looked at its prey. The soldier who was 19, the new kid could see his doom at hand. He dropped his sword as the small beast was about to jump in. He could hear those who were still in their burning homes screaming at the top of their voice. 

He accepted his fate. The monster knocked him down, dropped its blade and decided it would tear away at his flesh. He was crying as the beast was working its way up his body. Its hard metallic teeth munched away at his feet so that he could not get away. It took its time doing its work. Afterwards it stared back at him. It called out to its brethren in another tongue. None of them came...

The creature became infuriated. The soldier tried crawling away, however  the creature realising that he was trying to escape quickly devoured him. It reached its final form. Just as soon as it rejoiced in the misery that befelled the young man, it got shot in the chest by a mystery figure. The figure looked up at the metal demon and prepared for battle.

"Welcome everyone to this meeting. There is something going on I must inform all of you. The metal demons have found new forms. The only way to deal with them is with the forbidden weapons that are known as ARMS. One of the elws tested out their new weapon which proved useful in combat. Whilst not destroying the beast, severe damage was done. Any questions?"

The crowd in the meeting hall had no clue what to possibly ask. ARMS were not something that people were so open about. It was a taboo topic as these weapons could possibly be more dangerous as the metal demons if in the wrong hands. People were reluctant though to question the idea as they knew it was their only hope. Everything was in the balance in this situation and certain destruction would come if nothing was attempted.

Soon after the army was granted weapons that they could use to attack the demons. The war was now into its prime as dark clouds hide the future  of the united forces and the metal demons and the war waged upon eachother.

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