Hello there. Please take a seat and relax while I get to cooking some of my famous pasta, so exquisite and mouth watering you'll swear it's the best you've ever had. While I cook I want to tell you a bit about this place.

This pasta shop was founded by me awhile back, and when people came here they couldn't get enough of my pasta. But the problem with this shop was, well, not enough acknowledgement. Nobody knew about this place for a long time, aside from the few regulars. But luckily word of mouth started to bring in new customers. Business began to take off, and it was just a great feeling to finally be known as the best pasta shop. My pasta got so popular that I started to feed hundreds of hungry customers a day. And the look in their eyes is just the best look, the look of satisfaction. But some customers complained about my pasta. They told me that my pasta gave them "side effects" such as paranoia, anxiety, and nightmares. Then the media tried blaming my pasta for the attempted murder of a girl, I say blame the two other girls who tried killing for my pasta, but enough of that.

Well, My pasta is ready to make your day so much better. What's that? This isn't what you expected? Well this isn't any normal pasta, It's called "creepy pasta" And the most ordered pasta in this shop. I'd give you another dish, But you're already in my creepy pasta.

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