I think everyone who knows a bit about pokémon has heard the joke before: “Espurr has seen some shit”. The joke originates in Espurrs deep but dead stare, the stare that made a pokémon that was supposed to be cute rather creepy.

Because of his stare Espurr has been the subject of tons of jokes and even a website,


The website itself isn’t really special, te website is nothing a static background and an Espurr looking at

you. The Espurr comes closer and closer to the screen while the “Lavender Town” theme plays.

Nothing too special, right? That’s what I thought at least.

But what if I told you this website has a dark secret?

It all happened when I discovered the site for the first time. At first I was wondering why someone would make something so random, but I have to say that I was really drawn into this Espurrs stare. However after 15 minutes I got rather bored by it, went downstairs, started my PS4 and played some COD, had dinner and went to a party.

I came home from that party around 4 a.m. in a…slightly intoxicated state. I wasn’t extremely drunk or anything but I sure felt the effects from the drinks, which is the reason I immediately went upstairs to my

room just to notice that the “Lavender Town” theme was still playing.


I went to my desk to turn my laptop off and saw that a download was completed. It was a .RAR file titled “The things I’ve seen”.

I didn’t really know how or when the download started and if it wasn’t for me not being sober I’d probably just go ahead and delete the file. But I didn’t, I opened the file and inside were about 200 images. All titled “The things I’ve seen”.


Each image showed pictures of murder, rape, terrorism, …

The one being more gruesome than the other. After the first 3 images I was starting to feel sick but for some reason I just kept scrolling through the images. It was until the 47th picture my stomach couldn’t bare it anymore. I ran to the bathroom and puked. I immediately deleted all the files and tried to sleep.

All I know now is that the website doesn’t exist anymore. Did the owners stop the page, was it reported by Pokémon, did someone else get the download and reported the site? I don’t know and I don’t think we ever will.

All I know is…Espurr has seen some shit…and so have I.

~By: YaBoyBarry

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