Some of you out there may know about the minor popular series "Klonoa", or have at least heard it's name around the internet. For those who don't: It's about a little creature, with long ears: sharing the same name as the title indicates, who is fated to travel to various places where the state of dreams is in danger, but he himself isn't aware of that.

But I've come here to share a theory with you all. Klonoa isn't actually the little cat-rabbit thingy we all come to know, but in fact: a human child. All of these incidents are dreams.

To start off, Klonoa is handicapped by a terrible accident: a car accident for that matter: in which his father tragically died in. The magical wind ring he carries around is a cartoonishly larger version of what he kept with him upon his death in the real world. The same accident also left Klonoa mute and paralyzed to the waist down, for the rest of his life.

Klonoa can do whatever he wants within his Dream World. He invented everything - Huepow, his "Grandfather" (perhaps because his own died sometime before), the Wind Village, all of it. Lolo was more than likely someone else he had an affection for in his life who either died or left for unexplained reasons. At the end of each game Klonoa is tragically 'dragged' back to his world through a portal or such: This is more likely him waking up, returning to his humble life.

All Klonoa wanted to do was sleep, because these 'friends' in his dreams were pretty much all the boy had. And indeed, it was becomming a case that it was all he did. His mother always comes in and worries, sleep was the only thing that interested him. He was slipping away into his own little world. Staring at his face: She notices a smile upon his face.

The only time this expression ever graces his face.

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