This will be a rather short entry,but it will detail the development of Sonic X-treme.

Sonic X-treme was originally going to be made for the Sega Saturn as you know,but something happen.The creator Said that he wanted this new sonic game to have "new enemies".

The lead artists began to ran out of ideas and just began to draw ridiculous things like a canon that looked like a bullet bill from Mario games,a literal spike wheel(which made it into the game) and a goomba-like enemy that would go to the right.But then one of the lead artists wanted to do something which was new.He wanted the enemies to be angrier in the further levels as you progressed.He then began to draw sketches of:A enemy with 3 drills that would have a darker red color and glowing red eyes.

This enemy wasn't approved by Sega beacouse it looked "too scary for kids",but the lead artist said:"I DON'T GIVE A F***,YOU EITHER USE MY DESIGN OR I'M MOVING TO NINTENDO".After he freaked out on our boss like that,he was fired.

Fast forward a few days,E3 was coming and we still didn't have any beta footage of the game.Heck the game was still in alpha 1.0 and had a lot of bugs.I mean a lot.But then something new happen.The boss said he wanted this game to be dark and for 17+ only.He wanted it to start out friendly,but darker as the player progressed.

After the artists finished the box art,we we're ready.The game even had a final stage and an Ending.But it was still in Beta and had even more bugs then the alpha!The reason why is simple:We ran out of time to fix those bugs.After E3 we saw a lot of hype and immediately began to work on a port for the original Xbox,PS1 and PC.Heck there was even a sequel planned for the game.But then the boss said:"The game is cancelled",yep he simply said that,no explanation,no reason,just cancelled.After that we had to disappoint the fans on the next E3 saying:"We're sorry but the game is cancelled",after that there was silence,nobody in the audience was talking.After that i heard someone say:"HOW DARE YOU CANCEL THE GAME?!?!WE WE'RE SO EXITED!!!!!!!!".After that the entire audience was shouting:"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,GET OFF THE STAGE!!!!!!!!!".After that the only copy of the game we had was given to me,which i gave to my dad,who was by now,a old man.The disk i gave him had the beta of the game.I tried it on my Saturn,but it would boot up normally and give me a back screen.

Epilogue:I found out my dad sold the game with my Saturn.He didn't tell me who he sold it to,but he said he sold Sonic X-treme with it.

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