I'll start by saying that they multiply. First there are 2, then 4, then 6, then 8. They haul trucks full of rubble to bury the dead bodies of their last victims... sometimes you can smell the odor of the body as they pass. They're all unique and recognizable. You will never confuse one for another. They are each either red, green, brown, or blue. I have worked out this is probably to symbolize what sort of burdens they carry for their insane and twisted master and controller. They call themselves the "useful crew" useful for being mind-controlled and evil, more like. They operate in an area they call "Tidmouth" and also far away from this place. They have made hills and bends so intense that it is virtually impossible to escape the wretched island. They haunt me with their saying "we are your friends." I can sometimes hear their voices in my head. I'm not sure what they're all called but there's the leader of the pack, then there's the really vain and stuck up one that thinks he's in charge and acts like he cares for no one other than himself. There's one which they boss around and use as a slave. I'm not sure if this poor guy really is part of their group or is just another prisoner like me, stuck, watching them.

Then there's the protector of this dictation, he makes loud, roaring noises to scare the prisoners for fun... There is the intelligent one, who plans out my torture. One which taunts all day and insults me 24/7 while I am forced to do the things they tell me to. Now here's another who I'm not sure is forced to do this or is a prisoner, like me: His name (One of the only two I know the names of.) is Edward. Sometimes he trys to help me and even beg for my mercy. No one ever listens to him. There is one with some sort of deformity-Let's just say he's square.

But there's one thing I forgot to mention.

People like me refer to them as: Thomas and his friends.

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