[20:00:10]Xajon: Hey.

[20:00:11]Varno: Hey.

[20:00:13]Xajon: What are you doing?

[20:00:14]Varno: Studying.

[20:00:16]Xajon: I bet your just playing a game.

[20:00:20]Varno: Come on, there is a test tomorrow.

[20:00:45]Xajon: About what?

[20:00:46]Varno: About quantum mechanics.

[20:00:47]Xajon: Riiight.

[20:01:06]Varno: What are you doing?

[20:01:10]Xajon: Researching wh

[20:01:18]Varno: What is wrong?

[20:01:20]Xajon: Dude, someone is outside my house.

[20:01:21]Xajon: Everything is locked.

[20:01:22]Varno: Dude, you need to break out.

[20:01:23]Xajon: Its a white skinned human.

[20:01:23]Varno: And?

[20:01:25]Xajon: Its head is a cube. No visible features.

[20:01:28]Varno: Nice one. You can stop now.

[20:01:30]Xajon: NO I'M SERIOUS.

[20:01:31]Varno: Proof or it didn't happen.

[20:01:31]Xajon: Its gone.

[20:01:33]Varno: Proof or it never happened.

[20:01:35]Xajon: Is it okay if i came over for the night?

[20:01:37]Varno: Sure. Why?

[20:03:01]Xajon: I'm glad you think that way.

[20:03:05]Varno: Xajon, is that you?

[0:00:00]Xajon: IM COMING

[0:00:00]Xajon: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

Xajon has gone offline

[20:03:10]Varno: What the absolute hell?

Xajon has gone online

[01:00:10]Xajon: Hey dude, whats up? Just got back from eating.

[01:00:12]Varno: Was that you a few minutes ago?

[01:00:15]Xajon: Eh, what do you mean?

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