Through the GlassEdit

1. Through the glass I saw you stand

I saw what you gripped

In your hand

2. A card with halloween greetings

The dates inside,

Set for a meeting

3. I walked through the park that night

I look for you

But your nowhere in sight

4. But there in the corner, dim

Stood a man

And you stood by him

5. I walked to you with a smile on my face

But you were grim

You played your ace

6. You caught me there and held me down

The man your with

He showed a frown

7. The life I had,

I lost my grip

But of the torture you caused

This was just  the tip.

8. You beat me up

And an inch from death

And the man in the corner

He said with stealth

9. "That quite enough"

His voice was deep

I tried to beg

What came out was "squeak"

10. He stood and smiled

His hand held mine

I lay there limp

For quite a time

11. At dawn the man,

He turned to you

I saw your fear,

It showed right through

12. You said to him

"Now where's my pay?"

He replied  softly

"If you may,

13. Our contact has just begun

This is not the only one"

You look quite puzzled

But I just smiled

14. The sun was rising

With my power

Now would be my finest hour.

15. I jumped and slashed at your face,

I killed you both with power and grace.

16. While I walked away

You begged for mercy

17. I bent by you

Your face was smashed

I whispered with my final lash

18. "The lesson I hope you learned today:

To kill a demon, there is no way."


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