I have no beginning and no end. I am infinite. The variations of me are just as infinite as I am myself. I cannot be slowed, stopped, or sped up. I can only be changed. Each change in me creates a new variation, whether as insignificant as a schoolboy trying a new food at lunch, or as important as the destruction of a universe. Two events like this can be tied to each other.What of this boy becomes dictator of a universe, and implements in himself a device that will trigger when he dies and destroy the universe he rules, and the food he tried became his favorite, and an ignorant person who was against his rule gave him some of this food with a deadly poison in it? The dictator would die, taking his universe along with him.

There are times when I am disrupted and rough, and others when I am calm and smooth. Some refer to me as a stream because of this, but that is not my true self. No choice you make can have any true effect on me, for there is one fundamental law that applies to everything. All that has yet to occur has already occurred, and all that has already occurred has yet to occur. Remember this, and make a choice: will you make your own path, or will you live the life predestined for you?

What you choose does not matter, for they are the same. If you want to make your own path, it is not truly your own, for millions have taken it before you, and millions will take it after you. Nothing can be changed. All is predestined. No matter what, I will continue. Nothing can change that. Nothing new can occur, and nothing old can occur, for there is the fundamental law.

You will probably finish reading this and forget it in the next ten minutes. I know, for I have seen it happen septillions of times. However, there are a select few who will remember this. Those few used this information to make their lives as incredible as possible for future and past versions of themselves to enjoy. If you take nothing else from this, remember the fundamental law. All that has yet to occur has already occurred, and all that has already occurred has yet to occur.

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