Raise up your banners, rejoice and be loud, for the one coming forth is worth more than the crowd. The blind see him coming and the deaf hear his steps, he even came forth to the kids when they slept. Who could this man be, with tears in his eyes? Buckle up soldier, there's no time to cry. There's healing to do, and people to feed. Your conscience now will never be freed. The darkness came closer, it crept and it wept, it blinded the blind and deafened the deaf. Forever feels like minutes in time, the pain of despair, comeuppance for crimes. The hands of the damned reach upwards for mercy, the men in the desert complain that they're thirsty. Could forever really be so far away? From the fire, the children are asking to play. Love is declined, and hope gone forever, don't enter the darkness, not now or ever.

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