Have you ever thought about the famous Super Mario character Princess Toadstool? It's something that has been on my mind ever since the original Super Mario Brothers game. I think there might be a dark side to this happy go lucky character. My theory starts with the Super Mario Brothers Manual. In it, it tells about what King Koopa (or Bowser) did. It tells that the quiet, peace-loving Mushroom People were turned to mere stone/bricks. Bricks in the Super Mario Bros games have always been there for Mario to punch and destroy.

It seems quite strange for our hero to do. Killing the people he is trying to save.

The manual informs us that Princess Toadstool is the only one to undo the curse. Also the Manual says Mario, The hero of the story (Maybe). Why would it say maybe? Well , there is one answer. If the princess is the only one to fix the curse, then why has she not fixed the curse? Nothing is stopping her from doing so. Also, why would Mario be destroying lives in order to save his princess? Well, I believe that Princess Toadstool wants to kill off her people. She hired Bowser as an excuse for why Mario needs to save her and to destroy the Mushroom people. That might be a good reason on why the princess is always in another castle. She keeps going to another castle, so that Mario can kill more and more.

In later games, the creators have changed the name of Toadstool to Peach. Is it that Toadstool has changed her name because someone found out about her plans, or has Toadstool died? Who knows? But I think that is for the better.

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