There was a lot I could never figure out, you know? These adventures are one of them. Oh, I knew what the general purpose was. I didn’t mind doing them. After all I got what I wanted, and so did you apparently. But I could never figure out what that something was. You definitely wanted something, that much I did know. Otherwise why would you silently tag along?

Well, not completely silent. Every near fall into an unending chasm caused you to cry out or gasp in shock. Then I’d hear you sigh in relief when the danger was pass. Why though? You weren’t the one that would have fallen. And if it weren’t for those sounds you made I wouldn’t have known you were even there.

You were though. For every adventure, no matter how strange, you were my companion. The one who helped me. Together we gained so much, and you never asked for anything. You only seemed to want to watch; to help. Which is fine. Was that all you wanted? To help and journey with me? I’m not sure I understand, but it makes you happy. Which is good. I guess.

Take it easy on the transformations, will you? I know they make me more powerful and get me where I need to be. But they hurt. I try not to show it. I try only to laugh and smile. I don’t want you to worry. It is painful. But as long as it gets us what we want, huh? Guess I can’t argue with that.

We’re off on another adventure now it seems. All these guys are in my way, but I trust that you can help me find a way through. Is someone else with us though? I hear you whispering more than usual. More than gasps of terror, or even the encouragement you sometimes give me. I’m trying to listening to your words but I’m approaching something, or someone, big. And they look dangerous. Wish me luck, okay? Not sure if I’ll need it. I am pretty great you know.

Wait, I heard you more clearly now. But…why are you so upset? I don’t understand. And who is that with us?

“Ugh. I’m gonna hate this. Why did it have to be THAT?”

“You shouldn’t have looked up a walkthrough of the different bosses. Wario fighting a clown. Are you even going to be able to do this with your phobia?”

I’m screwed.


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