Many educational shows around the world are usually made to promote positive messages, like having a good education, good manners, and being nice to people, even if they're of different races and religion. The show I'm talking about does not teach these good values to children. Rather than promoting diversity and tolerance towards any person, it instead shows antisemitic and anti-Islamic propaganda. That show, in question, is called Tomorrow's Pioneers.

The show was first aired on April 13, 2007, and it continued to produce more episodes until October 16, 2009. It was created in the State of Palestine by Hazim Al-Sha'arawi. The show is aired on Al-Aqsa TV, a Palestinian Hamas-affiliated television station.

What many people remember about this show is the bootlegged Mickey Mouse character named Farfour. The character promoted anti-Islamic, and anti-American beliefs, and was shown imitating the use of AK-47s, and grenades.

One of the episodes showed Farfour copying a test, and getting scolded by his teacher. The reason why Farfour cheated was because the Jewish people destroyed his home. When the house got destroyed, Farfour couldn't find his notebooks.

Unlike many of the scary stories on the Internet, this one is real, and unlike many of the stories that falsely claim that they're real, I will show proof.

Fox News report about the Hamas children's character02:58

Fox News report about the Hamas children's character

You see, the show is first widely shown to American audiences on news channels like Fox News. These news stations reported the antisemitic and anti-American beliefs shown in this television program. Farfour is the main point in the news station's reasoning on why Tomorrow's Pioneers is seen negatively, because, like I said, cheaply imitates an American icon known as Mickey Mouse and using him to spew hate messages.

That is not all the show has to offer though. Looking it up shows you more things about the show, and other plots in it. I'm not listing them here because I don't want to look at this shit anymore. It sickens me that people had made this filth, all because of racist beliefs made by Hamas. It's the reason why Disney is so up in arms about protecting their icon. It's not because they're greedy, it's because they're afraid of this happening to their poor Mickey Mouse.

Written by ScreenWatcher30

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