After this is complete, this message will be gone. This is a COLLAB, a Collaboration. You are welcome to contribute. I will remove trolling or rulebreaking contributions. 

The rules are as follows:

Your submission must be 5 sentences or less.

You must not invalidate or ignore the one prior.

You need to be somewhat original. If you just namedrop slenderman, and I allowed this, it'd go to shit in about a minute.

You must have had at least 50 edits, of any variety.

Finally, you must join in this collab.

Each submission is 1:30 in hour:minutes later. The subject never sleeps.

Not really, but that sums it up. Follow along the last guy, don't troll, put your own spin on it, and create too many thoughts. This will be presented in audio recording format. The thoughts will be heard through it at times, do this tastefully.

To finish: I am doing slightly more then 5 sentences to kick it off, and give you an idea of how to follow. If you need more sentences desperately, PM me. More tags will be added as the story progresses. 



I am tired. It's been days since I last slept. I'm 5'4, a bit tall for a 17 year old girl. My name is not important, as this is for my own use. I just need to validate the hings I might forget due to this incessant crawl of thoughts. This method of recovery was suggested to me by one Doctor Isaac, although I never caught his last name. Let's just hope this works.


The doctor mentioned the shivers, but he didn't tell me anything about the itching. I've been sorting through my subscriptions, and trying to figure out what I'm supposed to take next... But it seems like only every other bottle is labeled. I tried calling a few times, but there's no answer on his end... Maybe I'll try calling the hospital later, asking someone to leave a message..?


No response from the hospital yet. In between fits of frantically scratching I keep calling them. If only they'd pick up. I can't get this weird taste out of my mouth. It's been there all day,.. and it's familiar somehow. The thoughts still haven't stopped. It's like I have a hundred people inside my head.


Still no response from the hospital.

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