I was playing Pokemon

I stopped in my tracks

A wild Pokemon

It's a... don't...

An Arceus in the wild

What's the chances

Level 100,health 999

Legit,yet interesting

Do I have my Master Ball

Yes I do,let's go

Wiggle 1,2,3,locked

Console is shaking,it's getting dark...

I'm being sucked in

What's happening

What bloody,sick world

Was I just sucked into

Count up the facts

My Arceus,with bleeding hands

Sratches me.almost dead

Blood everywhere

I know it's legit

I count it up again

It was the Arceus

He sucked me in

Arceus,please let me out

Our mighty god

I can't live in this bloody world any longer

And now you know the secret

Of the people in the game

Slaves,I am one of them

I am still in this Diamond and Pearl cartridge

Let me out,if you can

He'll get more slaves

Save us all

Let me out,PLEASE

Unless,do you, want in too?

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