I sat in my Dark room. The room was so quiet and peaceful, with a simple drowsy feel to it. The air was warm and damp, with a thick fog in the room that was so chunky you could bite into it's creamy center. It was also apparent that the room was also full of void and hints of hunger that came from the tips of the window. I licked my lips, expecting a sweet taste but only finding dusty doubts. I placed my hand on the window that was surprisingly icy, considering the usual warmth of this room. I let my hand slide down, leaving behind the black marks on the once flawless window. With a sudden sound I heard a set of keys playing with the door. Each key sounded like a music box, it was a flawless sound of light itself.

I heard the door slightly open, and thin little rays of light poke out from under the cracks. The rays reached the window leaving on it little streaks of light, I tried to grasp it so desperately. I found the light touch me, but I couldnt feel that divine release. I hungered for that sweet freedom...

"Sam, what are you doing?" The voice asked in a hasty and nasty tone.

I sat there silently, looking at the gorgeous light. It was so very bright... And it made the air feel less damp.

"Samuel!, i'm talking to you, what in heavens name are you doing?" Asked the voice again, but he would still not get the reply that filled his hunger. The voice grew more quicker and was more aggressive but still I sat and waited.

" Will you stop looking at that cursed window? I want to see your face." As I heard foot steps, but I ignored them. It was only until I saw red little streak marks on my face, I knew the voice was real.

"You need some air" said the voice as he walked over to my window and opened it. The icy air immediately flooded in and I became chilled to the bone. The reflection of the light now destroyed, as Iooked at the voices face, with tears running down my cheeks.

Then I saw.. He had no face. It was dark and black.

"What are you?" I asked in a fearful tone.

" I am what you fear, I am the bitter cold reality in your life. I destroy your dreams, and create cold nightmares full of screams. I am the loneliness you feel when you sit in your dark room night after night. But most of all, I am the true you. And you have discovered the strong dreamer you thought you were Was Truly Your Dark Lie To Yourself... "

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