Today I finally got the chance to dive bomb the stranger that ran around our planet, obliterating the Consumers. But not everything is so cheery.

At first we thought that it would be a good thing, desposing of the planets biggest threat since the Absorbers, but as the Consumers numbers decreased, we realised the threat of another Absorbers uprising became clearer.

We had to stop the stranger.

As it wandered around the planet, searching for the remaining Consumers, we began our assault. A whole family of our kind would gather in the walls. When the stranger came close, we would drop from the ceiling one at a time out of each hole. If one was eliminated, we decided to stop the assault from that hole. I don't know why, and no one else does either. Not that the dive-bombing affected the stranger much. Our flimsy bodies did next to nothing on the strangers hard outer shell.

In fact, it barely even cared about us. It simply shot at us, then moved on. It didn't even scan us, like it did with all the other creatures on the planet. All but us.

When I dive-bombed the stranger, it simply stared at me. It took my body full on, but didn't care. I went to the ground, and I felt that cold stare from the strangers visor. I heard the cry of the next in line, being killed in one shot. I lay on the ground for a while, not knowing how close I came to death. I eventually gained the courage to crawl back into the wall, and lay there for what felt like an eternity.

We will never be recognized, because no one cares. No one stops to observe, they all just shoot to kill or avoid us entirely, for reasons we will never know. Why? Because no one bothers to come to our planet anymore, and because of the Absorbers. They are killing off the whole planet, without remorse or reason, and refuse to stop. If only the stranger would come back, but after it disposed of all the Consumers it left on it's ship.

Now we near exctinction, and the only thing we will be known by is a code name.

ULF 2.

SR388 will lose a species, and no one will care. No one will notice. Except for the stranger.

The Hunter.


The one known universally as Samus Aran, Metroid exterminator.

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