We know about the free to play game called Unturned, but we don't know much about Anomaly. To anyone hearing the word Anomaly for the first time Anomaly is a Entity in Unturned. It's described as two red eyes watching the player from the top of the lighthouse in golf island in PEI map.Anomaly was confirmed by Nelson (the creator of the game) and has been removed.

What or who is this Anomaly?.

What's the story behind it?.

I'm going to share to you guys my theory so sit back and enjoy.


Anomaly was Patient Zero of Unturned. The theory behind it goes like this:

A new deadly virus has been confirmed by scientists in North America.

The virus was spreading fast and in order to cure it scientists build a lab in PEI.

There they worked on a test subject who was infected by the virus.They got his blood and DNA of the virus. Everything to make a cure for the virus.

When the cure was done they needed to test it on the infected person and they did test the cure ,but cure didn't work

640px-Screenshot (5)-0

The only screenshot of the Anomaly

Instead the cure made virus mutate into something horrible.

The infected person mutated into a white,red eyed Anomaly and it broke out of the

lab infecting everything around it. The Anomaly and the virus were now free to roam 

and infect every single person in PEI.

After Anomaly infected nearly every single person in PEI it knew that there are still

people who are not infected.

So Anomaly hid on the top of the lighthouse and waited for any survivor to come at night

and fall into it's they become infected.

The Anomaly still roams around the lighthouse waiting for a survivor to come to lighthouse

at night so it can slowly start to infect the survivor with the virus.

That's why there are zombies near the lighthouse.

They were survivors who were infected by Anomaly.

Anomaly won't leave the lighthouse at any costs.

It will just wait and wait until someone comes to lighthouse and falls into the trap...slowly becoming a zombie.

So next time you visit the lighthouse at night...are you sure you are safe there?.