This is my first blog.

I was banned for complicated reasons, but now I'm back after a long while, and while accidentally stumbling across the "dead user" page, I found some near friends who don't come here anymore.

Nightsbladeoftruth: He was one of the first people I've met. He was cool, a great reviewer, and the best non-umbrella purplish sword ever. How he quit when I was gone, especially as admin, is beyond me and I will miss him.

Kazou Kiriyama (Khdog): He just quit. According to his page he never explained why... He was my first true friend here on the site. We had great times together. He will be my most missed friend.

Pokémon v Ruby Girl: Never talked to her much, but since I liked her name I couldn't forget her much. When we did talk she was nice and around the wiki I seen her as a great admin as well.

I don't know why these people left, and saddens me that they did. The only people left on the wiki I know and like that are still here are Flaky Porcupine and Kefke Wren. I'm glad they're still here.

With sad thoughts aside, let's hope for the wiki to grow better and stronger!


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