Hoooooo boy, artistic inspiration hit me like a train the other day!

Starting today, anybody who wants a profile picture drawn by moi can have it drawn for perfectly free! I do certain styles and my photoshop program is Gimp (Thanks, Linden!) , and I'll have the pic drawn and on your wall as soon as you can say "My banananas are melting". All you have to do is ask for the pic, and I'll draw it! Just tell me what I'm drawing, how I'm drawing it, and how soon you want the picture. If I don't get it through to you in the time you arranged, I'll draw you two pics! It's the Blade garauntee! All you have to do is swear your eternal loyalty to me as my slave and proxy!

I'm just kidding, I'll take your souls, duuuuuuh, I mean, have everything completely free! Besides, I dpn't need no money anyway. You guys are friends, after all!

If, however, I see you doing anything I don't like, like harrasment or spam, you will not get a pic. Not until you've apologized to whoever you need to apologize to.

Bye-bye now!

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