Ok, the line has been crossed for too long!

Ok, so sexual harrasment. It seems all the women on this site are a victim of it. Dusty, rose, even scary! Look, I may not be an admin or mod, but this has gone on long enough! Why are the sex predators still out here? They've been banned, warned, and given several chances, but they choose to return. Over. And over. And over again. All the time. Look, SOG was built for people to have fun and make good stories, not friggin' predators of sexual intercourse. My friend rode has told me several times of this particular user (I say no names, as rose only gets to decide if I say something or not), and this user has done it in front of me several times! Rose has told him to stop, and even blocked his PMs', but he continues. This must stop! I say if you are sexually harrasing someone, your IP will be banned, therfore taking down your entire account! Now again, I'm no admin or mod, but I refuse to stand by and let my friends get bullied and harrased by idiots who come for this one purpose! I will become a mod, and stop this type of harrasment before it gets out of hand.

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