This is my first blog post ever. And I mean ever. I don't really have much to say, except:

A. Shools's almost out. Hoorah!

B. My head hurts like friggin' CRAP! OUCH!

C. I'm watching Justice League: Doom, right now, and it's pretty awesome. Almost as much as me, but noooooooot quite. Okay, just a tad bit cooler.

D. I've just been given quality advice by a master named Stormlilly. What a nice guy(or gal).

E. Part 2 of Xerneas' Revenge will be here in at least 2 weeks on the pokepasta wiki as well as here.

Thas' all I got today. Thanks fo' readin'! Yes, I did rush, but I'm in a pickle of a writer's block right now. Bye!


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