I just figyred out what hentai was. Why is this so bad? I'll give you two reasons:

1. I thought it was an anime, so I immediately clicked on images.

2. I didn't read the search information.

I heard about it on youtube. I was watching a video on how to draw the female figure, and in the comments, someone said "Thanks, I can now draw hentai from this."

Is it, like, some type of anime show I haven't heard of? I thought. I was half right. You don't wanna know what popped up when I clicked that image link. Or maybe you do. But I'm still not telling. So, in almighty panic, I ran CCleaner and cleared my history, because I was on my grandpa's mac, and I didn't want him getting arrested for researching something that he didn't.

The moral of the story? Always read the search results before clicking "images" on google. Always.

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