I've come up with nicknames for the people I have been knowing for a while. Here's what they are: 

He's the elf who's gonna rock your world! The Cocky One-shot Elf Admin, Link Is A Master!

Logic overrides cold, hard facts with this lady! The Unignorant Detective Lady Who's Discarded Womanhood, Ruby!

No one keeps her down! The Unconquerable Snow Red, themister!

You cannot comprehend his true form! The Cosmic Wannabe Idol, TheCosmicDestroyer!

She screws Youtube over and gives Google+ the finger! The Purple-Haired Morgan Le Fey, Lindenbree!

He may be cybernetic, but he's not without humanity! The Steel Man With A Soul Of Silicon, CyberTheNerd!

No one knew of his deep voice until he started Youtube! The Deep-Voiced NUA Master, Sshakenbakee!

The gas station attendant who can totally party! The Terminator Who's Without Humanity, Sir Areis Lionheart!

He can bomb the good time in a matter of seconds! The 500-IQ Killjoy Chat Mod, SynfulBlood!

Who will win this all-out battle between friends? Tune in to view the amazing S-1 Grand Prix!

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