Dang it, marvel Wait to give out info for movies! AAt least let us ged edgy first! Now I'm waiting for May 2015 just for the new Marvel's Avengers  2 comes out. Ugh.... 

Well, I can at least tell you about the movie while I'm whining. It's supposed to feature a new cast (so people don't get tired of seeing the same heroes on screen in every movie) with Scatlet Witch, maybe Miss Marvel, and some of the old Avengers, as well. What would an Avengers movie be without Iron Man as Robert Downy Jr.? What, I ask you!? He's the perfect Iron Man! THERE WILL BE NO ROLE CHANGE!!! 

Getting of track... right. 

Anyway, as I wassaying, the movie is supposed to be coming out May 2015, and I'm just saying tha maybe they coulda waited for the teasers, 'cause then you get edgy for something that won't happen for another, what, 7 months? Ugh...

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