Soooooooo hows everybody doin' today? I'm going on a four day trip to Washington friggin' D.C! YAYUH!

Being sponsored by my poor school of course...

So, I may not be on heya fo' a while, but I do know that some things must be said before I take absence!

1. The ending draws ever closer...

2. I'm popping out story ideas like daily poop, and I garauntee you'll see them all!

3. Special thanks to Stormlilly for criticism and being an overall great guy! But remind me never to take advice from him about anything medicinal? Please? (I'm kidding, Storm, the bark worked like a charm)

4. I hate summer. IT'S. SO. HOOOOOOOOT.

5. I am now starting on my Sonic OC for Deviantart, so you may get to see my partner Adrian very soon(Caling all the artists!)

Bye, now! I'll see you fools in Washington! But remember...

What he said!

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