So apparently there's a Sonic.exe fan flim being made. The teaser trailer is out and voice auditions have been done and the voice actors have been cast.

My thoughts? I look forward to the fan film. I don't watch too many fanfilms, but considering Sonic.exe is one of my favorite creepypastas, I will watch this fanfilm when it comes out. Supposedly, some new elements will be added. I wonder what more this fanfilm will bring to the table.

I hope that they stick with the author's canon, however. He did explain what Sonic.exe himself is supposed to be. If the fanfilm's new material does involve delving more into what Sonic.exe, then I personally feel they should use the information the author himself posted up. I won't explain everything as the information is available on both DA and FA, but basically Sonic.exe is not Sonic at all; he's a totally separate entity that is just using a Sonic form.

One thing I would love to see in the fanfilm is a face off between Sonic and Exe (what I've come to call Sonic.exe to differientiate him more from Sonic himself), though since it wasn't part of the original plot and may not truly add anything worthwhile except maybe a cool fight, I have doubts they'll do this.

All in all, I'm excited for this fanfilm. I am going to keep a close eye on it.

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