So recenty I've been seeing lots of fnaf pastas and to everyone who's posting them. Please stop they don't work. The pastas all seem to revolve around 2 subjects.

1. Ben Drowned but instead of Majoras Mask, it's FNAF.

Most of these stories are ripoffs of that story. I don't know why you people keep ripping it off but you don't even do it in a good way. Most of them are full of plot holes, have lots of gore, have tons of cliches, and are generaly just stupid.

2.You telll of your experience working there.

These ones are just incredibly lazy. You might as well post footage from the game because that's what they all sound like. These are the worst ones of all. Not only are they uncreative, they are super easy to make. To prove it, I'll write one right now.

"I used to work at freddy's fasbear's pizza and this one incident scared me. The anmatronics kept trying to chase me. ohh and there was also blood and intestines all over the ground. Just want to add that in. I barely made it to 6 am. After that I quit my job. BTW, this is my first creepypasta so you're not allowed to give this anything lower then a 10/10. What that's a good excuse!!!!!!!".

I'm working on a creepypasta about Slender: The 8 Pages and I'm going to show you people how to make original concepts. My story is not a Ben Drowned ripoff and it's not a dumb story about Slenderman chasing me. I made it more about Psychological horror and how you can go way too far testing someones will to handle horror thus having them lose their sanity.

But these FNAF creepypastas need to stop. If you guys can't make original concepts then don't write at all.

The FNAF theories aren't that bad even though I felt that GT was looking way too deep into his theory but that's besides the point. Make more original concepts. Don't ripoff other stories and don't copy others.

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