Ben Drowned is considered by many to be one of if not the greatest creepypasta ever written. A few years back, I read it and it terrified me greatly. But after I gave it a second viewing, I started to notice its flaws.

I'm posting this because I'm tired of people overlooking its flaws.

I've played and beaten Majora's Mask before but for someone who hasn't played the game, some aspects to this story won't make sense. I've never played NES Godzilla before but I could relate with it because it didn't rely on features found in the original game too much.

Also, this story is drawn out a lot. People say that this story's length is a positive point because it apparently means that the story has effort put into it. Long stories can be good too but only if they aren't drawn out. This story is really drawn out. It could've been cut down. For a long story to be good, it needs to not linger on a subject too long and keep the story flowing. Many parts to this story have this problem. NES Godzilla was drawn out too but the screenshots kept me interested. That's another reason why NES Godzilla was good because it managed to work its way around a common flaw found in several creepypastas.

The gameplay footage that goes along with this is just mediocre. It has a few scary moments but most of it feels like a montage of glitches. It doesn't pack much scare elements into it. I expected it to be dreadful and it was barely that at all. I appreciate the effort that the creator went into making it but it could've been scarier. Admittedly, some of the screenshots in NES Godzilla were kind of unnecessary but I found that more of the screenshots creeped me out more.

But this story has positives too. The grammar is fine. I didn't catch any mistakes. Also, I liked learning about Ben and it made for some nice characterization. I also wanted to learn more about Ben which kept me reading through this.

But overall, this story is overrated. It's way too drawn out and it's confusing for people who haven't played Majora's Mask. Also, the footage is just okay. I'll give this a 5/10. Hopefully, some found this post to be interesting or beneficial.

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