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    tl;dr version - Click here to vote for Midwest Food Bank.

    I remember seeing a facebook post once that read, "why is it you never see any Christians say 'let's put the giving back in Thanksgiving'". I knew this was just another jab at how various religious people are seen as self serving hypocritical pricks who would rather lie and get rich as opposed to actually helping the less fortunate or struggling. It's a common conception, in which... truth be told, there are a number of churches and non-profits out there that only add fuel to the stereotype's fire. It's kinda heart breaking because I actually volunteer my time and efforts to a local church, it's youth ministry, and (when I'm able) it's food pantry. A food pantry that helps struggling…

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  • Bugashi

    Ok, after some consideration, I figured I'd do something of a blog series, seeing just how many gaming universes and series can be connected to each other. After all, with games like Smash Bros, and Marvel Vs. Capcom mixing things up, it's safe to say that a number of universes are already connected. But what about joining the grand multitude of these worlds into one massive multiverse, where characters from random obscure first person shooter could cross paths with lesser known hard to find RPG from long long ago, or a quaky arcade fighting game beating up on serious tough as nails bullet hell shooter.

    While some may opt to unite popular characters, I'm thinking something not so well known series, so as to test my gaming knowledge. Who kno…

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  • Bugashi

    Yeah, I know I'm mostly a video game playing late night chat room lurker with a day/evening/whenever job and such, but I've been kinda wondering. Should I see about actually starting up a blog section here at the SOG wiki? If so, then what should it be about? Should I write about my exploites on various games, or things in the field of gaming? Should I talk about my views of things in gaming history? Or maybe I should post my perspective about various games for a review or something... I donno. Long of it short, what should I do for a blog?


    How about "whatever I want, as long as it pertains to gaming and/or humor," Yes?

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