Hello everyone, pull up a chair and lets talk a bit.

First of all, yes I am still in my extended break period. I decided that my next pasta will be released on Sunday Night, or Monday at some time. It will be hard for me to constantly update, however, because I will be in school. But I will try my best to update as often as I can. I just want these pastas to be as creepy and as well written as possible.

I will be updating more Ombra stories, but I want your help! If you are interested, PM me saying that you'd be interested in writting an Ombra based creepypasta. If its good enough, I will give it my Seal of Approval and it will be a part of the official Ombra Mythos.

So far, IdealisticPrawn has made a great Ombra pasta called Multiple Sightings, check it out.

Alright everyone, until we meet again enjoy all the pastas that are on this site. And if you stumble upon mine, please comment if you would like, Much appreciated guys and I'll be back asap, even though I'm always on the chat.

Also check this video read of Bedtime Stalker!

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