Hey everyone, i have made some changes to my future creepypasta list.

I have decided that I am going to take a break from writing. I have some serious writers block once again and that is making it hard to concentrate on my stories.

CTstories will be taking a break until September 1, 2013. That will be the expected date of my next pasta's release. The next pasta will either be "The Followers of Ombra", the Jeff the Killer remake, or any of the pastas that I have planned in my PHASE 2.

Sorry everyone, but I want my pastas to be as awesome as possible, so I need a little time off. I will also be on here less just to completely clear the pallate.

Please be sure to check out what I have so far, they will be listed below. Read, enjoy, and comment at your own leisure until I come back for another five pastas or so.

Best of luck to every writer here on this site. Please send me any pastas that you would like me to read and I will try to do so. Have a good one everyone!

Expected time to return at FULL CAPACITY...August 26 to September 1.

CTstories's Creepypastas:

The Ombra

The Last Piece

Lucid Mystery

Bedtime the way watch this awesome video on Youtube

You Are in a Room

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