I haven't been on in quite some time. It's ironic because the last post I made was this summer where I said I'd be back full time. HA!

Anyway, I was looking through Youtube and saw that Mutahar had put up a new video. But it wasn't an ordinary haunted gaming or creepypasta video, it was one for my first creepypasta I ever made, "The Ombra". I don't know if I'm more proud that he did one of mine after all this time, or that it wasn't a shitpasta episode.

Mark my words, I WILL BE BACK eventually. But, I need your help. Or maybe I'm just looking for some people to push me in the right direction. Let's make this wiki a community again. Let's make this wiki what it used to be when I was on the chat for hours shootin the shit with all y'all. Let's do this guys and gals!

Alright, I'm heading to sleep. But thanks again to Mutahar for at least reading "The Ombra", and I got some much better pastas for you. And I might have some extra pasta to boil and prepare for all of you!

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