Hey everyone, CTstories here. Welcome to my blog post!

I'd like to share to anyone who wants to know what my future plans in writing are. The next five pastas that I'm going to release are going to be bunched together as "Phase 2 (or II)". These are the following pastas and descriptions on what they will be about.

(Note: None of these summaries, or even story ideas, are final. I may be struck by an idea at any moment)


2) The Nintendo World Champiosnhips Curse (Title Pending) - The unknown horror of a mysterious Nintendo World Championship Cart that is constantly sold from person to person. I don't know whether or not this will be a really long pasta, but it will probably just be a medium sized pasta. (Coming by August 16, 2013)

3) Isolation Tank Story (Title Pending) - A man finds out he is not alone while in an Isolation Tank. This goes on such major fears like fear of the dark and Claustrophobia. (Coming by August 20, 2013)

1) "The Followers of Ombra" - This story further expands The Ombra's mythos and incorporates cults. A group of friends stumble into the woods where they see a demonic cult worshipping a mysterious deity. (Coming by August 30, 2013)

4) "A Trip to the Catacombs" - Students look around the catacombs underneath their college campus and find out that they may not be alone. (Coming by September 4, 2013)

5) Collab with some mystery people! - ITS GONNA BE GREAT! NO DETAILS! SECRET! (Coming SOON)

After PHASE 2, I will be taking a break from writing. I will still be here on the site, but I will be taking time from writing for the site in order to focus on work. In the mean time, I hope that you all enjoy the pastas I have already and the pastas that are coming down the pipeline! Have a good night guys and gals!

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