Hey everyone, CT here to first apologize for my absence. I've been away for the past week, so I haven't had access to my computer. Nonetheless, I want to annoucements about upcoming pastas and other stuff.

I got three stories on their way (These names are tentative):

-The Crossroads Fortune - This will be a loooong pasta based off an already existing ritualpasta. But which one is up to you to figure out.

-The Last Ghost Hunt - I'm not sure what this will be, but I'm working with on it.

-"Ombra Story" - I return to my bread an butter, The Ombra, one more time! (The Link is my original story from last year)

Finally, I wanted to see if anyone else would like to read my two latest pasta, You Are in a Room 2 and What If?.

Well that's about it guys and gals, I'll check back later. Have a good one!

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