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    Hello guys, this is the third draft of the full outline to my full-length comic book that I'll be working on. I want you people to say how good it is, in terms of characters and stories. Did I flesh them out enough? Does the plot have any holes? Are the characters consistent and empathetic? You tell me what you think. (If you're wondering, the LTs at the bottom are comments, many of which are for lengthly parts of exposition inserted in as comments so it doesn't bloat up the length of the paragraph explaining what the exposition in the scene was.) Anyway, here's the outline:

    Scene 1:

    Greg is kidnapped by a man, and is sneaked into a truck outside of Green Farm. As the truck drives away, we get a shot of Green Farm.

    Purpose: To introduce Green…

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    Hello people. These are the various character outlines of my graphic novel, Leader. I'm posting this because I want critique on them before I write the first draft. It is organized with a character outline, each which contains the backstory, values, arcs, and plot lines of each major character. Like I said earlier, critique wanted. Thank you.

    In a world devastated by a mysterious nuclear war called "The Fog War," 2 cities built from the ashes of civilization are at war over an injury the leader of one city did to the other.


                   Mid 40s


                   *Born into a low class farming family.

    *Passed school by the skin of his teeth.

    *Made a massive fortune on the stock market.

    *Took until 37 to get married because his obsessio…

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    How to Revise a Draft

    September 25, 2016 by Creeper50

    Revising is one of the most importatnt things any writer should do. It ensures that all characters are dynamic and interesting, that the plot doesn't have any holes, that the story is unique from the millions of other stories out there, and so much more. So how do you do it?

    Before you dash into revise-story land, take 2 weeks to a month off from writing. Don't just do that, pretend you are not a writer. Don't talk about the story or start a new one or make plans for revisions in advance. Don't do anything related to the story during the break. That way, by the time you're ready to get back to the story, your proudness of having completed the first draft will have faded away, allowing you to detect every mistake.

     ==Fixing the PlotEdit==


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    Compelling characters are the brain of any good story. Well written characters will keep the readers leaning forward, wondering if he can accomplish his goal. Bad characters, on the other hand, will make the readers go away.

    Let's suppose you have a character who is not likable. Note that I say likable, not compelling. For example, your character is manipulative and selfish, or even worse, he's a savage serial killer. How do you get a reader to root for that character?

    If your character is unlikable, be sure he's like that through the entire story. The first impression of the character will tell the readers what the author allows that character to do in the story. If he's a serial killer, let me know that instantly. Otherwise, I won't root f…

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    Hey guys. This is Creeper50. I'm sorry that I haven't beem on this wiki for a long time. That is why I'm here. To complain about why I stopped going here.

    The chat room has died down. As far as I can tell, it has not been active for quite sometime. I do not know why it is not active anymore, but if anyone else knows, please comment, so I'll understand. If there's a way I can help this wiki's chatroom out, please tell me how so. Thank you. 

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