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  • CyberTheNerd

    A thankful Blog Post

    November 28, 2015 by CyberTheNerd

    Hey guys, its me Jared, and I wanted to share this with the community.

    So thanksgiving in America just passed, and I have thought about what I am thankful for, because its not just a time for it, but most of the things on that list can help me with problems I deal with. For example, my editing here helped me pass an essay portion for my Dual Enrollment Compass Test, and I couldnt have passed that part without this.

    Im also thankful for this awesome community I am a part of. Sure, we all but heads over stuff, and we want to kill each other some times, but we are all friends here, and I think thats fantastic. We may have people come and go, but this community has not changed much since I have gotten here back in March of 2014. Im glad to be he…

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  • CyberTheNerd

    Hey guys its me, I brought this back. Yes, the meeting blog where people can suggest ideas and we can democratically vote on them, and post announcements. I have a somewhat important announcement, but it involves the SOGW YouTube Team.

    WebTale​Videos WILL KICK OFF SOON

    Yes, I have been able to get the necessary equiptment to be able to make decent audio recording and editing. So for those participating,

    notify me ASAP with your recordings.


    ​Thats all from me, comment ideas and announcements below!

    Pretend there is no Cyber here (talk) 15:34, October 3, 2015 (UTC)

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  • CyberTheNerd

    A public apology

    September 11, 2015 by CyberTheNerd

    Greetings members of the SomeOrdinaryGamers community, and newcomers. Its me, Jared(Cyber) and I am here to put out a few apologies.

    Before I begin, this is all based on my perception, and I feel this is what should be done.

    Firstly, I want to apologize for recent interactions, or, lack thereof, and for what there was, it was mostly harsh and selfcentered. For those of you who don't know, I have a rude sense of humor, and its how I speak to people. However, I feel my recent actions have not been respectful, or friendly, even in that aspect. So for any and all I have offended, I apologize.

    Secondly, I want to apologize for not contributing to the wiki as I should. Even with school and such, I still have free time I could be putting into the wik…

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  • CyberTheNerd
    "Oh you knew we had to do this again baby"   ~ Matthew Santoro

    So its time again, for us all to come back as a family for once and be nice to each other to fix and make our house better while Mutahar pays the bills.


    New Achievement?


    Forum Moderators?


    All right now with the past behind us, now for new ideas.

    ..... I aint got shit. Yall know what to do. If yall have anything new to reccomend or suggest, feel free.

    Oh I almost forgot.

    Who remembers that old WebTaleVideos thing we were doing months ago? Yeah, im getting that actually started up. Want to contribute? Leave me a message, or contact me through one of the following ;

    Skype : adrithknight80

    Email :

    Well that about settles it. See you …

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  • CyberTheNerd

    Well looks like its that time of month again isnt it?

    Alright Wiki Members welcome to the SOG Wiki meeting for the Month of May 2015. All though I do have a suggestion, I also have minor announcements.

    "What has been passed?"

    From the last Wikia meeting, the Hall of Fame and Historical Archive have been passed. I am going to get those out as soon as possible. The format however, is not going to be passed.

    "CPoTM Run-Off Tie-Breaker"

    Well, looks like the events described in rule 10 of CPoTM have occured, and now there will be a tie-breaker between Latrodectus and My Buddy Sandman. That link will be handled by admins and will be out shortly.

    If any other admins or staff have some announcement to make, feel free to trhow one in on here. Now, ideas. …

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