Hey guys, I got two things from the last blog post. We have the request to delete all the inactive admins/chatmods by Giygas, and we aslo have a few suggested changes by Sir Areis Lionheart,

" I propose a new rule to be added to the Rules of the Road page, clarifying what classifies as plagiarism, showing our stance with it, and setting the format for how a 'migrated' story is credited to the original author. I also suggest that failing to commit to this new rule and the proper formatting/crediting will result in a permanent wiki ban (at the most) with or without warning from the administrators. The plagiarism thing is a plague, and if we don't work it out, then we're done for. You add that new rule to the page, and nobody can use the excuse that they 'didn't know it wasn't allowed' or 'didn't know what to do'.

As an additional comment to that new amdendment, forbid people from adding on or removing content from the original work (removing it from this wiki if it is not up to par with our standards instead of correcting it). The only exception to this rule (adding on or removing content) is if we receive the OA's permission for the edits personally (not second-hand hearing).

A third part of this amendment will address a cap on migrated creepypastas...this is a wiki for members of Team SOG to add stories, not to showcase pastas from other sites (iffy on the whole CP wiki thing, since Mutahar is trying to unite us under a single flag). May I suggest only ONE migrated creepypasta per user. So we don't get a user here who migrates half a dozen creepypastas onto this site, thus ensuring this wiki remains pure to Team SOG-created content. "

What do you guys think? Also, should we also "officially" allow non-staff members to comment on this blog?

You guys know the drill. See yall around.

Virus of The Nerd be upon you. (talk) 18:38, December 17, 2014 (UTC)

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