Okay. This is gonna bug me. We only had three, count them, THREE, vote on actual things that need to be decided on meeting blogs. We need WAY more than that. We had one other staff vote on one subject, but that's not good enough. Its STAFF meeting for a reason. Where the STAFF are supposed to come and vote on multiple ideas and help make decisions. Now, there are a few ideas that I am going to bring back from the past meetings, that I think NEED to be decided on. Starting from the first few meetings ;

Administrator Removal

Universal but anti-excessive language-use

CPOTM/Y Voting Guidelines

Expansion of the Community Focus

Disabling Anonymous Edits

These ideas I think need to be approved or disapproved here and now before the next meeting. Other than that, I got nothing. We seriously need to decide these.

Alright, see you guys around.

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